SussMyBike Flow – Final development stage

Hi supporters, fans and followers,

First, a heartfelt thank you! For the patience you’ve shown and the support you’ve given on our journey to developing a solution to frustration-free suspension adjustment. Secondly an apology. We’ve been laser focused on designing, building and testing a suspension measurement tool that will work on all suspension types you might have – so we’ve not always been the most communicative with you. We’re truly sorry..!

Front fork mount

The journey has taken a long time, and we freely admit that it’s not been easy. We’ve had many (many many!) bumps along the way. But we’re now almost at the end of this stage of the journey. We’re delighted to say that development and (after hundreds of test runs) testing is complete!

Front fork top mount

Although we were desperate to ship the SMB Flow out earlier, it would have been downright crazy to release a unit that didn’t do what you’d expect it to, or didn’t work. So we had to be patient and iron out all the issues that were being thrown up. Frustrating, we know!

We’ll be listening to your feedback, especially over the next few months, and looking at how we can improve the software on each unit – so please expect to receive updates with improvements to make your SMB Flow even better.



We’re really excited to announce that the shipping dates are now scheduled, with the first scheduled to go out on the week beginning 4 th December, with batches being sent out each week after that. It’s only fair to be totally open and upfront with you! We build each SMB Flow unit by hand, to ensure it’s as perfect as it can be, so it will take a number of weeks for us to complete building and shipping all the batches.

Thank you again for all your patience and we hope you’ll enjoy frustration free suspension set up when you receive your SMB Flow.

Alan and everyone in the SussMyBike Team

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