Upgrade to Deliver 30X More Battery Life!

Hello supporters, fans and customers,

It has been an exciting month here at SussMyBike with the release of the first two batches of the SMB Flow. We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback that our supporters have provided from around the world. It is a great feeling to know that riders are out their improving their suspension setup and getting more from their rides! 

An area that did become apparent is the low battery life that the first system provided. We have taken that on board and are pleased to announce the upgraded battery system has been finalised and we are ready to begin fitting them. This new power supply comes in the form of 2 AAAs providing a long life and easy replacement by the user.

A huge thanks to everyone who provided the feedback and the hard work of the team to get the upgrade ready. We are confident that this will deliver a much improved user experience and allow you to increase your response, control and enjoyment on those longer rides. 

 If you have already received your SMB Flow check your emails for information on how to return your unit for the upgrade. Or get in touch with us on support@sussmybike.com

And if you are waiting for your SMB Flow to be delivered we have updated the dispatch schedule to account for the upgrade. Keep your eye out for an email to confirm this dispatch! 

Don’t forget you can order today and save 20% on the RRP price. This offer will end in March so don’t delay if you want to get your hands on the SMB Flow ahead of the season kicking off.

Many thanks,

Alan and the SussMyBike Team