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Step 1: Download Our App

But first, make sure that you’ve downloaded the App from the appropriate store.  Note that the App is called ‘Simblee for Mobile’.  Please use the buttons below to get the app for your phone.

Step 2: Check Out Our Quick Install Guide

Step 3: Check out our tips

  • Make sure the unit is securely attached to the bike!
  • Get the cable as parallel to the Fork/Shock direction as possible
  • Input the travel lengths for your Fork and Shock correctly, and most importantly, set the “Device attached to Shock/Fork” correctly!
  • When doing the “Zero my bike” operation, make sure suspension is fully extended.
  • Don’t worry about your phone disconnecting from the live session on the Flow, this is normal – simply reconnect.
  • Remember – when we say slow down, we mean slow down suspension action by adding damping. Turn the damping adjustment clockwise. i.e. towards the Tortoise symbol on some Rockshock forks.
  • Remember – when we say speed up, we mean speed up suspension action by reducing damping. Turn the damping adjustment anticlockwise. i.e. towards the Hare symbol on some Rockshock forks.
  • Read up on the damper adjustments in the manufacturers descriptions so you are clear on how to adjust your fork or shock.
  • Remember, tyres are suspension! Different tyre pressures affect how your bike absorbs shock and how well they grip.
  • Finally, keep your forks and shocks serviced and in good condition. Sounds obvious, but they have a major effect on how your bike rides and feels!

And finally, Step's some useful videos

What's in the box

Using The App

Fitting to a fork

Fitting to a coil shock

Fitting to an air shock