SMB Flow Zero Rated VAT


(For purchases where you have the relevant tax number – this must be supplied to use before your SMB Flow is shipped)

We believe that mountain bikers deserve the best from their bikes.  Every time!

The SMB Flow uses data and analysis from your rides, to get your suspension dialled.


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Why the SMB Flow?

Super Fast Set Up: The SMB Flow can be set up on your bike in less than 2 minutes. It can even be used to tell you your SAG, without all the usual pain.

No Guesswork: The Flow analyses data from your rides, to recommend the best setting for your suspension. Using it gives you a consistent set up, for your riding style.

Air and Coil: The SMB Flow works just as well, with both air and coil suspension systems.

Fork and Shock: The SMB Flow works on all fork systems and most shock set ups.

And what do you get in the box? (other than the means to SHRED better!)

1x SMB Flow
1x Fork Top Mount
1x Unit Base
2x Mounting Adaptor
2x AAA Batteries
3x Soft Binders
1x Reset Magnet
2x Plastic Tie Wraps
1x Spring Mount
Hex Hangers (4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm)
1x T25 Hanger
2x Rubber ‘O’ Rings (45/60mm)
1x Spare Battery Cover Seal