SMB Flow Suspension Tuner (Apple Platform)


With thousands of possible settings, fine-tuning your suspension can be a frustrating and time-consuming exercise. Your riding time is precious, so don’t waste it!

The award-winning SMB Flow gives you pro-level suspension tuning, without paying ‘pro-level’ prices or wasting valuable riding time.

Simply attach it to your fork or shock and go riding. It uses data gathered during your ride, analyses it, and tells you through the intuitive app what changes to make to your suspension, to get it feeling dialled!

With its sophisticated algorithms, the SMB Flow can take as little as 5 minutes of quality riding to give a good recommendation. And because it’s so easy to attach and use, it can be quickly attached to a friend’s bike too, to get theirs dialled as well.

No more guesswork! No more frustration…just improved performance and control.

Note: This product is currently for the Apple Platform only.

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Pro-level Suspension Tuning. Made easy.

Key Features

  • EASY SET UP: Get set up on your bike in less than 2 minutes. The SMB Flow can also be used to tell you your SAG, without all the usual pain.
  • TUNE ALL SETTINGS: The SMB Flow analyses LSC, HSC and rebound to keep your suspension at its best.  
  • FLEXIBLE: Get a consistent set up, for your riding style, on any bike or trail. The SMB Flow uses real data from your rides, to make its recommendations. Guesswork not required! 
  • FORK AND SHOCK: It works on all fork systems and the majority of shock set ups. Get your mountain bike fork setup fast and make shock tuning easy.
  • AIR AND COIL: The SMB Flow works just as well, with both air and coil suspension systems. 
  • SMB Flow
  • Full accessory pack
  • Installation Guide
  • Rear coil mount
  • AAA Batteries (x2)

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Simply strap the SMB Flow to your fork or shock, using the re-usable straps. Because it uses a wire to measure movement, it can attach to both air and coil systems...perfect for any type of bike, whether it's cross-country, enduro or downhill.


The SMB Flow interprets the real data from your rides, to give you simple and easy to follow adjustments, via the SMB App, for both your compression and rebound. And the more runs you do with it, the you'll get to the perfect ride.


The SMB Flow will help you fine-tune your LSC, HSC and rebound, for any terrain, making your bike perfect for you and the trails you ride.

"My bike feels like I've got brand new suspension!"


The SMB Flow used data from your ride and analyses it, to give you recommended changes to your rebound and compression.

SAG with ease

The SMB Flow accurately and consistently, digitally measures your sag.


You control when to start a new session and when to keep adding data for a more accurate recommendation.

Simple Mobile App

The SMB Flow comes with a mobile app that's easy to use and intuitive.

More control

Your bike feels more responsive and in control, when you’ve dialled your suspension properly. Don’t leave it to trial and error!

More speed

When your suspension is working for you and you’re wheels are flowing over obstacles more naturally, you will be faster. Always a good thing!

Just imaging leaving your competitors in your dust, once you’ve dialled your suspension like a pro!

more fun

“Having a sweet set up to your suspension is the key to enjoying riding. If you don’t have it set up, then the bikes not working with you.” – TESS BROWN


Not only does having the hottest tech available ‘bragworthy’, just think of the kudos you’ll get for helping friends get dialled too!

And then there’s shredding better and faster than ever before…

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