How it works.





Fast Set Up

Get set up on your bike in less than 2 minutes. It can even be used to tell you your SAG, without all the usual pain.

No Guesswork

Use real data from your rides, not confusing guesswork to dial your suspension. Get a consistent set up, for your riding style.

Fork and Shock

It works on all fork systems and the majority of shock set ups. Get your mountain bike fork setup fast and make shock tuning easy.

Air and Coil

The SMB Flow works just as well, with both air and coil suspension systems.

Attach the SMB Flow to your fork or shock – it works on both air and coil. It’s really easy to attach, just a few straps and you’re good to go (putting it on your fork takes less than 2 minutes!).

Then just put in a couple of details into the app and you’re good to go. And the best bit…your phone DOESN’T need to be connected to the SMB Flow while your riding. Just reconnect when you’re ready.

Next, go ride your bike like a demon!! The SMB Flow collects data during your ride…if you’ve not collected enough (it’ll tell you), that’s fine…just go ride some more. Collecting ride data is the fun bit!

The Phone App recommends adjustments¬†to the damping on your compression and rebound – and works for low and high speed settings too! Simply adjust your settings and do another ride to check how dialled you are. If you need more adjustment, just repeat until you’re suspension feels sweet!

Now your suspension is feeling super sweet…go SHRED those trails!

More control. More fun. Less pain!

Get Recommended Adjustments

The SMB Flow used data from your ride and analyses it, to give you recommended changes to your rebound and compression.

More Control

Your bike feels much more in control, when you've dialled your suspension properly.  Why leave it to trial and error?!

More Fun

It's all about having a good time and your ride feels more fun when your in control of your bike.

Less Pain

Save yourself all the pain and frustration of setting up your mtb suspension with trial and error, and get your suspension dialled in consistently.  Every time.

Set SAG With Ease

Set up your sag accurately and consistently at the start, using your SMB App.

Simple Mobile App

The Flow comes with a mobile app that's super easy to use and intuitive.


The Flow's recommendations are clear and simple.

You Control The Analysis

You can start a new session or keep adding data for a more accurate recommendation.

Additional Modes

Jump between normal and firm mode to see what changes you'd need.

"My bike feels like I've got brand new suspension!!"

"It felt a LOT better"

"It was INSANE"

Start getting faster today.