Got a question about the SMB Flow? Hopefully these might help…

The SMB Flow measures and analyses movement in the suspension system. Specifically it measures sag, compression and rebound.

Yes! SussMyBike comes with multiple mounts allowing to fitting to all frame and fork types. 

The SMB Flow uses 2 easily replaceable AAAs.

Yes! The SMB Flow is weather sealed for use in the wettest of conditions. We have also tested the battery below zero and have achieved 50 hours of use out of it.

The special algorithms in the app measure what is going on and track from example; incorrect sag, rebounding too fast (including topping out) and a lack in compression (causing bottoming out). We are continually adding to and improving the capabilities of our algorithms.

We use the Simblee for Mobile App by RF Digital to connect to our unit, you will be able to find this in the Apple App store or Andriod Play Store.

If you have any other questions please get in touch.

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