pro-level suspension tuning made easy

The SMB Flow is the answer to your suspension tuning prayers. No more guessing, no more fiddling, just the perfect feel of your bike and your riding.

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Well tuned suspension is the difference between 'AWESOME!!!!' and 'Alright'

Suspension is crucial for enjoying (and being fast at) mountain biking. Being ‘in the flow’ is an amazing feeling. But poor suspension stops you feeling it. 

With up to 100,000 setting combinations in just a fork, it can be pretty confusing getting your suspension dialled! And it can feel like a dark art. 

The SMB Flow takes all that frustration and guesswork away! Using data during your ride and our sophisticated algorithms, you get setting recommendations straight to the app on your phone!

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10 Neat Mountain Bike Products That Are Straight Outta Scotland

"The unique feature with SussMyBike’s system is that, as it uses a retracting cord rather than air pressure changes to measure performance, it’ll work on coil forks and shocks as well."

Scottish Mountain Bike Product Innovation of the Year 2018

"They aim to take all the head scratching and trial and error out of mountain bike setup, so riders can enjoy a well setup bike and a great ride!"

”Having a sweet set up to your suspension is the key to enjoying riding. If you don’t have it set up, then the bikes not working with you.”

tess brown, @mud_and_no_makeup