iPhone Firmware Update

Thanks for bearing with us, while we built the new App! 



Now you've got the new app, you need to update the firmware on your SMB Flow for it to work...

Please follow this step by step guide for a stress-free update!

1. UPDATE your nRF Toolbox App, if it’s already installed or download it from the App Store, if you don’t have it yet

2. Download the new firmware to your iPhone

3. Turn on your SMB Flow and have it next to your iPhone (note it must be right next to your iPhone during the update)

4. Open the nRF Toolbox App and click on ‘DFU’ Device Firmware Upgrade

5. Ensure both your Bluetooth and SMB Flow are on. Then click ‘Connect’.

6. Click on ‘SMB Flow’

7. Now click on ‘Browse’

8. Choose the file

9. You’re now ready to update. Note – Status is supposed to say ‘Disconnected’. Click ‘Update’

10. The update will take a minute or so

11. That’s it, your SMB Flow now has the new firmware loaded

We'd just like to say thank you again, for all your patience while we got the app built!

Now...Go Shred!!