Frequently Asked Questions

And the answers too πŸ™‚

Why not just use my judgement?​

You absolutely can use your judgement. Bikers have been doing it for years, but trial and error can be a long and frustrating road. The Flow takes the guesswork out and takes multiple inputs into it’s algorithms to work out your recommended adjustments. ​

Will it work with my bike?​

The SMB Flow works with almost all kinds of forks and shocks – and both air and coil systems. So it likely it will. Unfortunately we can’t control all the designs out there and we know that it can’t currently fit fully enclosed shock systems.Β If in doubt, just drop us a question (either on email at or try us on LiveChat).

How do I use it?​

It’s designed to be super easy to use. Simply attach it to your fork or shock, open the app, enter a couple of essential details (e.g. the length of your travel) and start your session.Β When you’ve hit the trails, you can check your analysis and recommendations. The more data it gets, the better the recommendations, so it you need to go shed a bit harder, the SMB Flow tell you.Β Then it’s simply a case of making the adjustments and feeling the difference.

Do I need to keep it connected to my phone?​

Nope. Once you’ve started your session, you don’t need to have your phone connected – so you can leave it safely in the car if you want (although we always take our phones in case we crash out on a run).

How long does the battery last?​

Newly installed batteries can last over 100 hours of use.  However the Flow works at its best with a well charged battery, so we recommend changing them after 48 hours of use, to get the best out of it.

Is it waterproof?​

It goes without saying – it was invented in Scotland, afterall!​

What if it's broken?​

Sometimes things go wrong! If the SMB Flow is broken or malfunctioning, then we’ll happily fix it or replace it if it’s not fixable. Check out our <a href=””>returns</a> policy for more info.

I have coil but Shock wiz can't measure it, can yours?

Good news, yes! Unlike the Quarq Shockwiz, we don’t use air pressure to gather data, so the SMB Flow can work on coil and air systems.

I've a hardtail. Do I still need to fine tune my mtb fork?

Whether you have a full suspension mountain bike, or a hardtail, fine tuning your suspension is vital to how well your bike rides. We believe in it so much, we’re starting a blog to teach riders what they can do to improve how it all feels.

Still got a question? Why not drop us an email at!