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Got a question about the Flow? Hopefully these might help…

What is SussMyBike Flow?

The Flow is a suspension analysis device. It fits to your bike and measures your suspension as your ride. Once complete it transmits the data to your phone providing tuning guidance to make your ride more enjoyable.

What does SussMyBike Flow measure?

SussMyBike Flow measures movement in the suspension system. It measures sag, compression and rebound.

Will it work on all my bikes?

Yes! SussMyBike comes with multiple mounts allowing to fitting to all frame and fork types.

Will it work with my coil suspension?


What power does it require?

SussMyBike uses an inbuilt replaceable battery

Can it be used in the rain?

Yes! SussMyBike is weather sealed for use in the wettest of conditions

How does the device know what adjustment is needed?

The algorithms in the app can measure what is going on and track from example; incorrect sag, rebounding too fast (topping out) and a lack in compression (bottoming out). We are still adding to and improving the capabilities.

If you have any other questions please get in touch.

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